Saturday, July 29th 2023



Registration/Entrance Fee $25

Register at 9:30am      

Tee time 10:00am     

Bear and deer can be seen grazing as nine USGA rated fairways rise out of the wetlands to form Muskeg Meadows. Sitting atop a foundation of byproducts form the once flourishing Wrangell timber industry, the 32 acre course offers a unique golf experience with a 30 tournament schedule. While playing, golfers can checkout the newly added activities shelter, which serves to provide a location for guests to dine, chat with locals or view the interpretive signage detailing the course's conception.

Come and test your skill as you as you avoid the large jutting rock on the course's signature ninth hole. Observe the abundance of wild flowers and wide variety of birds as you walk the course, but keep an eye on your ball -- Ravens have been known to steal balls as the rest gently on the greens. Don't worry, because if you have a witness, you'll be awarded a free drop according to the "Raven Rule."

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