Bearfest 2020

July 22nd -26tH

Wrangell, Alaska 

An event Dedicated to  Bears! 

symposiums, cultural events, art & photo workshops, fine dining, a marathon, and much more...

Alaska Bearfest

Box 934 Wrangell AK 99929 US


About Alaska Bearfest

Wrangell Alaska is in the heart of the Tongass National Forest located in the Southeast portion of the State.  Surrounded by craggy mountain peaks, a deep lush temperate rain forest, glaciers we are home to both Black and Brown Bears.  Our history is entwined with the geology of this land; the arrival of the Tlingit down the mighty Stikine River and the discovery of the Island by Russians exploring the Inside Passage.  We live with the rhythm of nature, the ebb and flood of tides, the return of salmon to streams and the gathering of bears feeding  to withstand the next winter.  Bearfest is our tribute to our surroundings and the nature of what makes Wrangell so special. Please join us in Celebrating the Bears of Alaska and more, each year during the last week of July.